WiFi hangs the system

Is there a specific thread we should initialise and set up the WiFi on for the WINC15x0 module?

I actually create a thread in Main() that then initialises the WiFi networking in that thread but it seems to hang my system. No other threads (Lora receive) and display updates run.

I decided to move the init to Main() and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I have noticed that Debug.Writeline is hanging it. I have a Debug.Writeline in the callback for the IP address change and it seems to hang inside this call.

Any clues?

It strangely reminds me of a firmware version issue atwinc1500-mr210pb1952-firmware-update, the program crashed when the module was enabled, I don’t remember if it was possible to launch the IP change event or if it crashed before… so the question arises… which firmware does the ATWINC have ? and the same as the supported version the system reports.