Wifi Driver (AT Command) Esp8266 or Esp32 WifiNina

i don’t want to touch anything on TinyCLR OS…

idea was just to use ip stack / tls as is as an inherited object.

and i didn’t know that wifi and ethernet hook that from inside (so in this case you are right),so as @mcalsyn said that is imposible

so i need to forget (integration with tinyclr) .

Correct. You can have a driver that can be used with tinyclr but it is independent from the internal networking stacks

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Looks like I missed some action here overnight!
I renamed the cborn-1 branch on my fork to develop , and it should do a clean merge back into master on Martin’s original. It is still a WIP though, as I’m concurrently working on our server-side gateway and only adding fixes/enhancements to the ESP8266 side as I need them.
If the mods required to support TinyCLR as well as Netmf 4.2, 4.3 & 4.4 are minor would it make sense to either incorporate them into the mainline code, or add as a parallel branch, so any improvements benefit all?


It would definitely be best to keep all the platforms in the same branch with common code in the .shared directories, and any per-platform changes in the 4.3, 4.4, and a new TinyCLR directory. That way any fixes in the common code benefit everyone.

I would love to see this code working on TinyCLR (though the ATWINC1500 solution supported by TInyCLR firmware would be my first choice for a new project).

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Ok, we can aim for that.
I can add my current develop as a PR on your Github repo so we don’t diverge too much, and look at adding in the TinyCLR changes @valon_hoti_gmail_com made.

One problem with the Espressif AT command set is that it keeps changing. We had the 0.41 and 0.5 differences, the latest releases seem to be mainly compatible with 0.5 but each release has it’s quirks. I was trying to stick with the latest version as delivered on my ESP12-F modules to I don’t have to reflash them all, but it seems they still have the “DNS Fail” bug in SoftAP mode, so the question is whether to add in a workaround or just require users to update to the latest release.

There are also differences between the ESP8266 and ESP32 versions of the AT set, the latter supporting additional features typically requiring more processing power.


This thread is awesome! It reminds me of the good old days when we used to join forces and make amazing things.

Community come back… Big time! :nerd_face: