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WIFI connection to router


Hello, I try to get a conncetion to a wlan router with the wifi module. The module is connected to the emx dev-board as descriped in manual.
I took the code from the library:

First I want to try without encryption:

 wifiSettings.Encryption = Wireless80211.EncryptionType.None;
 wifiSettings.Authentication = Wireless80211.AuthenticationType.Open;

But every time after following codeline, the emx freezes:

 Wireless80211.SaveConfiguration(new Wireless80211[] { wifiSettings }, false);

On the lcd display following mesage appears:

[italic]Build Date:
Oct 15 2010



Please update your firmware and tinybooter to latest then start new project and let us know if you see errors please.

…start by entering GHI loader and using E to erase all.


Ok, I reset the whole board with the tinybooter.ghi and after that with the emx firmware files (all versions from 15th october).
But same again.

Now I tried new board with a new wifi module and a clean programm with only the code I mentioned before. As you can see at the picture, the module don’t want to connect?

The wlan router is a Thomson TG585 v7 and works fine with my laptop (Win7).
Config on router setup menu:
802.11 b/g
None Encryption


Now it looks like it works, I have changed the Wifi.Enable method:

  //WiFi.Enable(SPI.SPI_module.SPI2, (Cpu.Pin)33, (Cpu.Pin)19);
   WiFi.Enable(SPI.SPI_module.SPI1, EMX.Pin.IO2, EMX.Pin.IO26);// EMX DevSys