WiFi accesspoint plastic enclosure supplier

Does anyone know of any plastic enclosure manufacturers who make a box designed for WiFi products? I’m building a GSM gateway for my WSN, and I’d like to find a plastic box that’s been pre-drilled with antenna holes, a power socket, and maybe some front-panel holes for LEDs. With all the WiFi products on the market, I assume someone is building generic enclosures for this stuff.

Any ideas?

Yeah, I’ve got one, too. It’s way too expensive for the quantities that I’m building. I found something on Ali Express I think will work. Thanks for the tip, though!

@ Jay - Can you post a link to that one you bought, please :slight_smile:

I think I’m just going to go with these, though I’m looking at some other ones, too. I like that one the most, but they don’t have any STEP models/drawings for it, so I’ll have to measure everything out myself. Yuck.