WIFI 7 usage


I don"t see or understand how I can use the Wifi 7 Click module with the current network interface :frowning:
I don’t see anything related to connecting to an AP and/or using sockets or any other way to transmit data.

Where should I look for this ?

Hi, did you look here?

Additionally I have some working examples on GitHub:

Didn’t try Access Point


Thank you very much. It looks like I was wrongly expecting more managed methods.
I will now study your code samples !

This leads me to another question : what would be needed to code to add a different Wifi module or network adapter ?

Your can do those completely on managed side but we do not support and so not recommend doing so. That is because we super these internally in native and do them right.

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Hmmm… does that mean that we are not able to do things right ? :open_mouth:

Also, does that mean that we cannot bind “public” managed code to your network stack ? And so that we are bound to use ENC28J60 or Wifi7 modules ?

No, not without compiling the firmware. Anything you put in C# can be disassembled.

We didn’t support this for above reasons.

Yes if you want to take advantage of our amazing networking support. But you can always do it on your own and build your own stack.