Wiegand 26 input

For access control solutions it would be awesome it you created a Wiegand26 interface board

What is that device? Do you have a link please?

AFAIK is Wiegand26 a 2-wire protocol , that was used for card reader


For a example here is a link to a reader with Wiegand26 output


Why not just use a USB card reader?

You shouldn’t need a fully-dedicated board to decode standard Wiegand signals from a card reader. The protocol is fairly easy to understand, and you just need two signal wires and a ground wire. I just don’t think anyone has written any code to support reading Wiegand via .NETMF yet. This is something I’ve been meaning to try out anyway, so maybe I’ll give it a shot when I get a chance.

I’m assuming that when you mention “interface board” in the context of access control, you’re probably looking for a board that can read Wiegand inputs as well as fire relays in order to lock/unlock electric door strikes. Along with the code to read Wiegand signals, you should be able to use any FEZ device + the 16 relay expansion board to accomplish this.

Has anyone implemented the Wiegand protocol yet?

@ Chuckie -
I was wondering if you ever got the Fez Gadgeteer to read Wiegand26 protocol.
I saw your post form 2 years back and it is until yet unanswered.

I have a wiegand RFID reader that uses this. I first ried to get two interupts on one spider socket (but only pin 3 fires). Then used two sockets (both interrupts now fire when D0 or D1 receives data , but even with lean code, only about every third interrupt is caught… The spider interrupt is to slow…

I think ill try programing a pic to get the codes from the reader and send it to the spider by uart, but if you DO have any idea to get it working on a SPider I shall be very happy.