Why you should NEVER try to water-proof your phone

Took the family to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA for some family fun. I knew they had some water rides, so I planned ahead and brought zip-top bags for my wallet and phone.

While we were standing in line out front of the park, I decided to go ahead and put my phone in the bag. Bad move. Turns out that when you drop a phone face first onto brick pavers, bad things happen. :frowning:

Now the question for me is whether I feel bold enough to order a replacement screen assembly from eBay and attempt the repair myself. :slight_smile:

On the plus side, the screen still works, including touch, so with a little packing tape to prevent unnecessary bleeding, I can limp along while I decide on repair vs. replace.

Stink - I know how you feel…

Sorry to see that. Next time you go on vacation, leave your phone in the car! :slight_smile:

You can do this…

Are you sure you have an authentic phone? :wink:

I installed the Broken Window App for free on my HD7 last month.
But too bad I had to buy a new phone to uninstall it…
(Buying a new phone was cheaper than replacing the screen)

@ devhammer: is that the so called gorilla glas?

Yes. But it’s still glass, so if you drop it the wrong way, it’ll break. As I discovered the hard way.

Given how many times I’ve dropped the many smartphones I’ve owned, I’m actually surprised that this is only the second one I’ve had break on me (the first was a Treo 600w that took a spill on a concrete floor…that one also trashed the LCD).

I guess you could say I’m hard on gadgets. :wink:

Mines is the 900, rather than the 800 shown in the video, but assuming they’re similar that looks quite manageable, even easy. Guess it’s off to eBay for a new screen assembly. :slight_smile:

OK. Screen ordered from Hong Kong. Will follow up after I receive it…perhaps I’ll even do my own replacement video. :slight_smile:

As a side note, am I the only one who finds it a little skeevy that there are multiple sellers listed for this item that are clearly the same seller? Most have very good ratings, but why operate under multiple accounts if you’re legit?

Skeeve Alert !! :slight_smile:

to give the illusion that the price is fair ( basically a way to control the price in the market)…


On the plus side, the last time I saw this, when I was ordering some replacement parts for one of my Syma helis, I got the parts just fine, and faster than expected. OTOH, I only had about $5 at risk on that order. This one is a little riskier. Still, I’m hopeful that it’ll all come out fine.

You would think they’d make at least a token effort to not make it completely obvious that they’re all the same seller. :wink:

LOL yah, but after thinking about it, it could be the same company but with different sales people where each have their own ID and earn their commission based on sales…

You may be right. It’s a reasonable enough explanation. And given the little exposure I’ve had to working with Hong Kong based dealers, it arguably fits the pattern. Still seems sketchy from a Western view, though, but I guess I should give them the benefit of the doubt. :slight_smile:

Happily, the screen arrived today, in good condition, and with all the promised tools with which to perform the replacement. And the end result is perfect, as you can see below.

A note for those who, like me, are over 40. The use of a magnifying visor, or similar magnifying device, is highly recommended. :slight_smile:

Good to hear the replacement worked well.

I’ve given up on the zip top bag method and use a pelican case if I know I’m going to be on/in water.

Yea, but the Pelican case doesn’t protect your phone until you actually get the phone in it :wink:

Yup. My problem was the transition to the protective bag…would’ve been the same if it’d been a Pelican instead of a ziploc. Unless, of course, I was smart enough not to attempt the transfer while standing on a hard surface. :slight_smile: