Why no RLP support on G30 or G80

I am curious why RLP isn’t supported on anything below the 120 series boards. This is really unfortunate because it makes the the nicely sized (small and lightweight) through hole versions of the G30 and G80 not very useful for applications where you need to use RLPs. I am working on a project and would like to use the G30TH, but will end up with a Teensy 3.2 specifically because I am not able to run RLPs.


Yeah, I’d like to see RLP on them, too. At least on G80. Would look very logical to me. But Gus said “maybe later”, so let’s wait for that “later”.

Although I find IFU way much more important. Lack of it is the main reason I rule G30/G80 out of any of my projects.

Again, maybe sometime later? Would be nice…

I agree, would love to use G80 on a commercial product but the IFU make it impossible.

This feature would be great and i also stick with G120 :slight_smile:

It would have been awesome if the G80 had been made of something more sparkly, and if I could also play minecraft on it, and it had integrated 5G networking and also if it was only $5, and you know what… It would have also been great if it could have been overclockable to at least 20Ghz range, and had a terrabyte of ram, and also had an integrated Fortran77 interpreter via SPI and also if it could generate enough heat on cold days to warm my house, and if it could be successfully used as an ice fishing lure, and if it could have been able to somehow eliminate donald trump.

That would have been great.


You had me right up until here…

@ mtylerjr - Maybe GHI do a G-Wiz next version that could do time travel as well. In that case the older stuff can be used for fuel in the flux-capacitor :whistle:

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That would be great; esp that last part. Is anyone actively working on that? …Anyone?

Edit: Seriously though, I agree; RLP