Why lunch takes longer nowadays !?

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I have some very interesting information to add to that article.

Wait… I just got a text message. I will get back to you.

that is awesome. “the customer is always right” has another solid nail in the coffin.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -

Because I need time to spell the menu :-[

Or decipher the font :think:

I have banned my wife and daughter from using the phone (unless they actually get a call) and anyone who checks their phone during the time we are in the restaurant pays the bill. So far this seems to work :slight_smile:

@ Dave McLaughlin - not if the wife and daughter are using your credit card :wink:

Good point Gus. Come to think of it, even if they do pay, it’s my money at the end of the day but this way they are not feeling like they have lost the money :slight_smile:

What is lunch? :slight_smile:

The piece of a cracker from below your desk you put in your mouth at a time where the sun is shining outside your office. :smiley:

This gave me a sick feeling reading it. The customers are causing the inefficiencies because of trivial nonsense that has nothing to do with work or eating?

If I was that restaurant owner, I’d employ cell jammer.

I guess this would solve the problem in two ways:

  1. No one uses their cell phone anymore in that restaurant
  2. and a lot of people will have lunch some where else to continue the " trivial nonsense".

@ Reinhard, indeed.

Alright, perhaps a real suggestion: If I was that restaurant owner I would make the seating, ordering and the payment process accessible via the phone. When they place an order the waiter comes and delivers the food. They then pay online with paypal and leave.

@ Mr. John Smith - Then you don’t need any waiters, but a couple of IT guys helping the customers to connect to WIFI.
Plus some charger cables on every table and a bunch of tablets to give to customers who have no smart phone.

Gosh, I really do see every problem as a nail :frowning:

I went to a US restaurant chain (Chili’s) on July 15th and they have a tabletop kiosk that allows you to pay at the table without talking to the server. I think you can even order the desert that way too. It was cool because there were games you could play too. Ironically, we did not use our phones and only used that kiosk, but the results were the same… we were totally distracted by that kiosk and ate very slow. lol :smiley: The bright side I suppose for Chili’s, it was closer to closing time so not a lot of people to wait.