Why is the G120HDR Module Rev2 Not reccomended for newbies?

The title says it all. Why isn’t it for new people to start?
im thinking about getting this or the FEZ Cerbuino Bee, but the bee has almost no ram, and I understand I might not need that much ram, but the 6 gadgeteer slots make up for a lot that it is missing.

Welcome mrtferen !

This is the recommendation because the HDR module is NOT a Gadgeteer board, and requires manual wiring to enable the sockets. If you want a Gadgeteer board, the Cerbuino is good (and has the same processor as the Cerberus, so either are suitable), or you can use a Raptor (which uses the G400 module) or the Spider (uses the EMX, a slightly older module). At this stage there is no G120 based Gadgeteer mainboard.

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Don’t forget the Cobra II :wink:

Yeah, I can recommend Cobra II as well. It is my preferred mainboard.

However, I would love to see a Spider II as a pure Gadgeteer mainboard option based on G120!

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Cobra2 isn’t a Gadgeteer mainboard is it ? Or has it made it back into the SDK recently ?

The first line of its catalog page describes it as such. I agree that it’s a bit of a stretch but it does have six sockets and it appears in the designer.


Did it leave the SDK? I’ll admit my knowledge may be going back too far. It’s been at least a year since I’ve messed with a Cobra2. I’ll have to re-confirm this tonight when I get home. If it has, then the catalog page needs to be updated.

Cobra II Eco has never been removed from the Gadgeteer SDK. Only WiFi and Net were removed but they will be back in the next SDK.

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Why were they removed? Production costs too great?

Too little interest I guess.

They were removed as part of a catalog restructuring we did last year.

You can make your own Cobra like board pretty easily with all the extra components you need, networking, xbee, relays, mosfets etc, if you plan to have a commercial product. The schematics and eagle files are available.

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Yes mine too. ;D