Why is the Fez Panda ll on sale?

Hello guys,
It seems that something new may be comming out. Remeber that massive eblock sale a few days ago? Well I think that there might be a ne product comming out or this might signal the end of the fez panda ll because even the kit and the touchscreen is on sale.
What do you guys think?

There’s definitely something new coming. Gus has been teasing us with it for too long now :wink:

Maybye Fez Panda lll?


Well its wried because the touch screen and fez connect shield are on sale.

Those are both very good signs. :wink:

By wired, if you mean it uses cables then I disagree. I just think it means we’ll be getting an upgraded display & ethernet solution for that form factor.

The eblocks are gone too :o

Perhaps a Gadgeteer shield replaces it :slight_smile:

Probaly, I hope that this new fez will have more ram.

Gus has already slipped the term “Cerbduino”. So, check the specs of the Cerberus and I think you’ll have a good idea of where he’s going.

Ok, then Gus is bad at keeping stuff under then hood. Good thing I didn’t start my tutorial series for beginners yet

Hopefully there will still be piracy protection and in field update:)

I suspect we’ll also see some other options that he hasn’t told us anything about yet :slight_smile:

Got it! Remeber when Gus put up this years Aprils’s fools, about the Fez Creepy. Well the original image looked like a panda ll with gadgeteer sockets then the image got replaced. So it might be a mix type thing.

FEZ Mini too…