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Why FEZ? Side Bar is not working!


Just want to let you know that the Why FEZ? side bar on the TinyCLR main page is not working!

I’m using IE8 on XP Pro.


Works well for me…


Ah, all the more reason to get rid of it then :smiley:


I think it’s fine and doesn’t need to be gotten rid of :slight_smile:


Hm…I think Chris was referring to “getting rid of IE8” lol. I actually get the same problem in IE 8. The AJAX popup never shows up though the screen goes to dark gray. Tried it with and without compatibility mode. In IE9, it does the same thing except, in compatibility mode…it does…nothing at all.


Well, It’s not the IE8 that sıɹɥɔ want to get ride of!
I knew that sıɹɥɔ doesn’t like the sidebar that much! hehehe :wink:

And thank Stephen to confirm the problem!

Robert: take a look at the image below! This is not seem to be fine!


The same happens in the latest version of Chrome.


That’s a great idea! while we are getting rid of the sidebar, let’s also take out IE8!


sıɹɥɔ LOL…I KNEW it! :slight_smile: