Why does the G400 have less flash?

Looking at the capabilities of the G120 and G400 SOM modules, why does the G400 continue to have far less FLASH available than the lower end G120? I’ve posted about this before but still find it strange that the G400 does not have a much larger flash to allow greater programme storage. I am thinking more along the lines of bitmaps for GUI based systems etc.

That’s a good question.

I suspect the G400 chips has the flash builtin while the G120 uses an external flash?

The G400 actually has external flash. The built in 64K is most likely used for the boot loader only.

I think both got the same size external flash but then G120 has an additional flash internally.

The G120 has an S25FL032 which is 32Mb giving the quoted 4MB and the G400 has an AT45DB321D which is 32Mb so also 4MB.

The G120 processor has 512K internal flash so is that enough to hold the NETMF firmware?

Still doesn’t explain why 3.6MB is used up in the G400?