Why do I keep getting errors on the FezMini/Robot kit serial port?

I’ve instantiated COM2 at 115200, N81. I’ve connected it to WiFi card from SparkFun ( http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Wireless/WiFi/WiFlyGSX-um2.pdf ). I am able to get the WiFi card to connect to my network and listen for incoming data. So I hit the card with an HTTP request, which it passes onto COM2.

When that happens, I get a massive amount of SerialError.RXOver errors. The data still gets through (at least partially, most of the time), but the errors can’t be good.

Similar stuff happens when I try to send data out from the FezMini. In this case, I get a massive amounts of TXFull errors.

Are there buffer issues? If so, what are the sizes? How can I alleviate these problems?


There is no issue, you are just receiving data faster than you are processing them. You should use RTS/CTS to control the flow of data.