Who wants to win $1000 cash and get a FREE game console?

Look how sexy this looks!



Love the Harvest Gold. Reminds me of 60s/70s era appliances…very “retro” :smiley:

PS - Did @ Gary take that pic? :wink:

I like the gold color too.

I just created a special list just for you!

Wait. I thought I was already on THE list? Now I’m on two? Awesomesauce! :wink:

@ devhammer - You can essentially say that right now, you have your own list…lol of course at this point I don’t think anyone is scared of the “list”.

That yellow one is quit nice indeed! It would almost be a shame to put it in an opaque housing.

This afternoon I spent some time noting down my retrospective reasons to qualify.
Although I found some text errors after submitting, I still hope you enjoy the reading…