Who wants to learn to code?


Me! Me! Me!

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Curious if they tech you how to use pointers!

Verrrrry educational!

Only in cold weather.

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ring ring… ring ring.

Oh hello, is that Ian’s wife? You know that new training he was talking about, well…


I came up with the idea for Naked News, but this is even better. Its like Naked News but with the ultimate targeted audience, brilliant, but at the end of the day, its just going to get the development industry in more ‘bro code’ hot water.

There simply is no denying that this company knows its audience and has developed a genius plan for getting their attention. They also found a genius way to get more females employed in the tech industry. For nearly a decade I’ve been watching and supporting efforts to get more females into tech. I spent Friday & Saturday at the CodeStock conference and my observation is that those efforts have been fruitless. Of the 900+ people there, I could probably count the females on both hands. Its not because they aren’t welcome. I simply think there is only a small percentage of females that are genuinely interested.

She said that they don’t give out Bages. What a disappointment. I’d like a little Bage :wink:

Uh, I don’t think this is the “into tech” that the females are looking for. I agree, while brilliant (and potentially lucrative), it’s not going to end well.

@ godefroi - That part was meant as a joke. However, for a tech company I bet on paper their male/female ratio is better than most :wink:

I guess a Women ratio of about 10% is quite stable over the past years.
At University we had 8 out of 80 at the beginning (in year 1999/2000) and - 4 years later - 4 out of 40 at the end of my semester.
At work we have 3 out of about 15 Electronics and Computer Science engineers which are Women - even better than average I guess.

At one company I worked at, we had a policy to hire female developers just so that we didn’t look biased; even if we had to train them.

As if there aren’t enough reasons for folks to view tech as a field that’s unwelcoming to women.

I’m no SJW (look it up), but I think anything that is likely to fan the flames of the debate over women in tech is at best unhelpful.

And while the makeup of the crew here on the forums leans heavily toward the male side, I’d like to think that any females who are getting into NETMF or Gadgeteer would find the forums a welcoming place. Really doubt that this particular thread would help in that regard.

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