Who needs Jellystone Park

When you have places like Wai-O-Tapu…

On a family jolly in Rotorua and took the missus and boys to the stinky pools to get some local culture before heading back to the UK.

If your ever in middle earth a visit to Rotorua is a must :slight_smile:


Wai O tapu… “sacred water?”

My Maori is rusty.

How come you didn’t come down to the south island?

@ mtylerjr - Your Maori is better than mine :smiley:

Used to have a house in Redcliffs so done the mainland enough :slight_smile:

Can you sponsor a GHI Executive Team Retreat next year?


Is that sulfur?

Sorry, I don’t understand.

My eldest son has been at Rotorua on a practicum some years ago, he was delighted as well. If Gollum doesn’t want to have us elsewhere before, this place is on our list too.

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@ ianlee74 - Lots of Sulfur, Iron Oxide, Arsenic and other metallic salts to give very interesting colours and ALOT of rotten eggs smell :slight_smile:

Hydrogen sulfide plays havoc with copper leaving a black residue and slowly eating it away.

Hence why I left the electronics at home :smiley:

Why not, If you all agree to jump in that murky water :whistle:

Only if you bring the sticky buns :slight_smile:

In 2001 when I bicycled the coast of NZ (the bike trip where I eventually met my wife) I stayed one night in “Te Puke” (teh POO-keh) and one night in Whakatane (FAH-kah-tah-neh) and even from those places 50-80km away, I could smell Rotorua.

edit: I actually stayed in Opotiki, not Whakatane

Are you sure it was Rotorua, and not just um your “luggage” from constantly riding ?

@ Brett - :stuck_out_tongue:

That was my strategy. Bike for several hundred miles, then meet her. I had to build up enough sweat/pheromones. It worked apparently.

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@ Justin - Dude! you coming back to blighty? How long for?

@ HughB - yeah, chasing the eternal winter :smiley:
Arrive start of Nov, will escape once the house is sold…

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