Who designs these goofy ATM's

Just one of those days today, and wanted to vent. Who are the moron/s that write the code for the ATM machines!
Why oh why do we have to hit extra zeros? Like there is any ATM that can doll out a $1 or a penny.
So, I want to pull out $100. Why am i pressing 1,0,0,0,0 into the ATM, like I can even get a dollar or a penny.
Just pure stupid!

Dare I even say how dumb it is that before I start I have to press English first. I say if you Spanish and you decide to come here then learn the language of the land. Don’t make the rest of use take an extra steps on the phones, ATM’s and other equipment for our lives because you were to lazy to lean the language. Moreover, isn’t that unfair to all the other languages of people here. Hell, we should be proper and accommodate everyone here. 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Italian, 4 for Chinese, 5 for Polish, 6 for this is crazy…

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Actually I think it’s good to select a different language on an ATM in China for example.
But it could be made different so at the start Screen the local language is preselected and you can pus Buttons for other languages.
In Germany most ATM’S have preset amounts with a button for each like 50€ 100€ 200€ …
Only some allow you to specify the amount on your own.

@ VersaModule - It would be more appropriate to say you don’t understand something rather than saying it is pure stupid. Does not make a good impression with those who do understand.

Actually, sometimes it is better to say nothing. Ignoring my own advise.

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@ VersaModule - Some ATM’s allow you to transfer money from one account to another. I guess that code may have been written generically to support transfers and bill payments, deposits etc, and they just didn’t want to have to code and test a function just for one aspect of the ATM.



What they ^^^ said…

However, I think we can add something constructive to this rant and ask why don’t ATM machines & cards have more logic? My language should be something that’s encoded into my ATM card and the machine should just know what my preferred language is without asking. Perhaps it could even keep preferences such as you only want to withdraw in multiples of $100 to help make your experience better. Most ATMs I’ve used do have a “Quick Cash” option that allow you to skip all the needless entry and just pull out $100 in one button push.

My biggest complaint about ATMS and gas pumps these days is the speed. Are these things still all run on 28.8K modems???

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yeah, agree that saying something wasn’t the best idea @ versa… the world is a pretty diverse place, language selection is a clear area where there needs to be an opportunity to change that in some areas more than others - in Australia for example, there’s not that concentration of other language use that would make this important.

I do however agree that things could be much more “sticky” with your choices. I always go to my bank’s ATM, so they know me - there’s no reason why they can’t default my selection of language to what I chose last or what I chose at account setup time. And there’s no reason that can’t be part of a data exchange the banks collectively use. My bank is actually pretty good because they do record my default withdrawal, so it’s just a matter of entering my PIN, then one-touch to withdraw that, and take the card and cash once it’s dispensed.

In Australia I don’t necessarily agree with the slowness comment @ Ian, perhaps we have one-upped the US and moved to 56k modems? :slight_smile: A good example is when I fuel up at the bowser, the longest wait is for the cashier to authorise the pump. I put in my fuel card, it knows I’m required to enter my odometer reading then a PIN, and that is authorised within 2-3 secs, then it can be anything up to 10 or 15 secs at the low end for the operator to hit the OK button on my pump; it can be worse if they’re serving someone at the counter or otherwise preoccupied. Humans getting in the way again :slight_smile:

Well, that’s certainly an odd definition of “one-upped” :wink: Odometer reading? Does it want to know who you slept with last night too? I haven’t had to have a human authorize my pump in many years. Heck, I can even purchase gas when the store is completely shut down and dark. I guess my main gripe is regarding the response time of the UI. When entering my auth code it seems there’s about a 1 sec delay between when I press the button and when it appears on the screen. Obviously, using very low end hardware.

@ cyberh0me, So on a business trip to say china, does that ATM ask Chinese or Spanish? Didn’t think so. Besides, if you on a business trip you should be using the company’s business card anyway.

@ ianlee74, you got some serious bonus points in my book for that idea you had of "My language should be something that’s encoded into my ATM card and the machine should just know what my preferred language is without asking " That’s a awesome idea!!!

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That’s what the thumbs up button is for :wink:

Here in Indonesia you get the standard Indonesia option the first time you use my banks ATM here. For the PIN input it has both Indonesian and English wording but after that you get only Indonesia. There is a menu option to set your language settings and once you do, all ATM’s of that bank are in English with no need to change anything. Of course, if you use a different banks machine then you are back to choosing it each time.

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