I’ve added my current project “Whirligig” to the project site (link removed) but cant for the life of me figure out how to embed a YouTube video. :-[


This is how to embed youtube.

Change 9MMpZ-8JExk to your own video. 9MMpZ-8JExk stands for the video ID, as you can see below:

Nice project! 8)

Great!, Thanks Foekie. That looks much better now.

Very nice! What happens when it catches a fish that is too big for it to drag to shore?

Then it sends an SMS via the GPRS shield to CNN, informing them that the Lock Ness monster has swallowed our probe. :smiley:

Oh, so it’s not fishing? Is it just a camera?

Ehh… Did you read the project description?
(link removed)

Or maybe I didnt describe the function good enough. And no, it isnt fishing. The fishing rod is there to launce and oscillate a probe from the surface to a depth of 20m, measuring things like pressure (to get an exact depth), temperature, light from above, reflected light from below, oxygen, Co2 etc. in an column of water.

Ah ,yeah, I didn’t read the wiki until now. I VERY much like that waterproof box you have there. What type is it?

I beleve it is this box

Thanks, Greg and I might use something like that for our RC car projects.

Its a robust box that can take some serious beating. Yet easy to drill and cut.