Which hardware in this case ? Need expert/advanced user advice :-)

I ve tryed the PANDA (I), the MINI, and I like the platform.
Know I want to create a demo product, but I don’t know exactly which hardware I should choose.
I want to create this :

On one side an :

  • Battery
  • A Tiny (which one ?)
  • Measuring of a tension with precision, I suppose I could connect another AD with more resolution ? but how (not in detail but just the principle) ?
  • A Zigbee module, where to order it ? which one ? source code sample ? (or something else)

On the other side :

  • A Tiny (which one ?)
  • A Zigbee module (the same ?)
  • Sending the data to RS232

Thanks in advance for your precious advices :slight_smile:

These advices will help me to choose the right way to begin.


What do you mean by “A Tiny”? It sounds like you probably just need a couple Cerbuino Bee mainboards and a couple XBee Series 1 radios (check eBay, Sparkfun.com, adafruit.com).

thanks ianlee74,
that was also my guess. i think i ll try to order all this and try to make this work :slight_smile: