Which Hardware for DPWS prototyping?

Hello everyone,

We are looking into a development board to experiment with DPWS. So far I can see only the FEZ Spider mainboard which is listing DPWS in its features.
Can anyone recommend a mainboard which is proven to work with NETMF DPWS stack?



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Have you seen this codeshare


runs on ChipwrokX.

Or you can wait for G120 (coming soon) to have latest and greatest.

DPWS does require the extra horsepower so Chipworkx is recommended.

Don’t forget to take a look at these great tutorials:

Thank you everyone for the tips, I think I will look into the G120. The blog posts are helpful as I could not find so many example of DPWS usage besides the SDK samples.
It’s an interesting technology but the additional complexity is often difficult to justify compared to a simple RESTful implementation.