Which ethernet does G400 use?

Just out of curiosity.
Which Ethernet Module does G400 use
J11D or ENC28?
Would be nice to see this information in the specifications tab for each SoM.

ENC28. There is not a PHY on the module.

The info is in the specifications. There is a list of sockets. The J11D needs an E socket, and the ENC28 needs a S socket.

G400S need ENC28
G400D has a built in PHY

Secret piece of info! You can add a real PHY to G400S if you really want to!

@ Gus - More secret info on how to do that?

If I use G400D or separate PHY on ‘pure’ G400 I use BuiltinEthernet, right?
Is there a better performance on G400 using PHY?
EMX builtin also faster than G120 ENC28.

Sure! Use the same PHY we have on G400D and then wire it to the RMII pins on the processor. All pins should be available. How is this for more secret info?


We want to document network speed but we never got to it yet.

@ Gus - Not that I need it now, but if someone would ask you kindly: Would GHI provide the PHY network schematics with all related parts of the G400D?

Quick question here:

We use the G120 SoM and we need to interface with a PHY chip (to be able to reach 100Bate-TX speeds), the LPC1788 support this like is shown in this schematic: [url]404 - PAGE NOT FOUND
can I use the same PHY chip in the G400-D in the G120?
Can I use the same drivers for .Net Framework interface?
Any tips or better approach?

Thanks in advance

@ cyberh0me - It has the same interface to use on a PHY chip, like it is done in the G120E, is basically the same processor used for the G120 just with a Ethernet PHY added to the SoM pcb (network wise), that will be what I like to do, add the same PHY chip that is being use in the G120E in order to use the builtin drivers for a G120E.
I’m not sure If the pins are not hard-coded into the driver itself, If that is the case I won’t be able to do anything unless I connect it the same way.
Also not sure if there is only one way to connect it due to the shared function of pins (like is shown in the schematics in my previous post).
Finally, is there a way to initialize the built in drivers with a custom Ethernet PHY pinout (assuming I’m using the same chip)?