Which boards are touch-display supported


I heard GHI release some of touch lcd modules.

Our team using cerberus board and mountaineer(MT) board.

But touch-display such as T35 is only supported in board having sockets R, G, B and T/I for full operation.

I checked cerberus and MT are not having RGBT sockets.

Is there no way of using those kinds of display modules in cerberus?

P.S. Nwazet’s Touch Display solution use a socket for interfacing between core and display. What’s different? It has slave cpu, and GHI has not?


Those big LCD displays do not have integrated LCD controller, only the driver, so to utilize them, the microcontroller must have a built-in LCD controller and a sufficient amount of RAM, and Cerberus lacks both. Cerberus can only use displays which have both LCD driver and controller integrated, and interfacing is done through some serial or parallel protocol. Usually, all the smaller (less than 3") displays are of such kind. In contrast, larger LCD displays tend to have only the driver on board.

It is, probably, possible to buy a LCD controller chip separately, hook it to GHI larger displays, and then control it from Cerberus. But I’m not sure you could drive large displays in this fashion, as there’s lots of data to pass.

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Nwazet’s Touch Display is even a more complicated solution: the display is driven by ILI9341, which is both LCD driver and LCD controller on a single chip,and an extra Cortex MCU translates commands from GoBus and passes them to ILI9341.

Technically, you could skip Cortex MCU and interface directly with ILI9341. I believe there even were some managed drivers written on Codeshare for ILIxxxx family devices.

There are also a number of board based around the Solomon Systech SSD controllers and these can work with either 8 or 16 bit digital or some have an SPI interface.

You main issue with these is having to develop your own driver. I have only been able to find a C/C++ driver for these types of displays.

Memory, lets not forget that screens need memory to drive an image on them. Cerb family devices are SMALL in that department. If you really need to manage a touch screen and a larger display, you need a larger processor/memory device.

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