Where to go after the .Net Gadgeteer


Although I have done some work a few years ago with a Domino and Phidgets boards :

Just going to start working with gadgeteer and then it closes down :(.

Think it’s a shame because I think Gadgeteer would be perfect for Primary schools to show what can be done with software and hardware.

In denmark computer science is in the lower grades of school are starting to be teached in the small but it could take off they just need easy platform for this and here Gadgeteer would be perfect.


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@ suitable1 - Zing Pow, the sound of better ideas and a throw back to old batman shows.

My new alcatel Idol4s (Windows 10) doesn’t have a barometer, bummer.

@ suitable1 - word on the street is that is a pretty sweet phone.

I am quite pleased with it. The VR accessory, on the other hand, is basically worthless.

Don’t feel too bad. I finally moved over to an Android phone (OnePlus 3T), and picked up one of the cheap Google Cardboard clones. It’s interesting briefly, but ultimately, it’s no more than a gimmick. And, for those who are like me and subject to motion sickness, it’s something that can only be used in VERY small doses. I tried one VR roller coaster demo, and had to stop mid-way through. Blergh!

So you aren’t missing much. :wink: