Where ive been

Hey, I missed a day and after the time I’ve been off, I now have 99 unread things. I was at a precision machining competition and won gold sending me to the provincial competition now (Ontario). Also ive been making a pencil protector/casing/sleeve out of aluminum and brass end (to help maintain my ego AND protect my pencils 8) ).I can only machine after school which is the time I normally have for reading the forums here and programming. I have another project in machining so it will be a while before I am back in the forums being active, and pestering you all with questions. :smiley:


@ MRTFEREN - Congratulations on your success and good luck with the provincials. That is a very interesting and useful maker skill you have. Keep us posted on your progress through the competition.

Congratulations and all the best with the next round of competition. :clap:

Awesome. Well done.

Shiny! :clap: