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Where is System.Environment?


I was trying to use Timer2 from Fezzer so that I can run the timed process in another thread. However I couldn’t find a way to locate System.Environment. The .NET documentation said it is in mscorlib but I don’t find anything in mine.

Where can I find it?


There isn’t a System.Environment in netmf… are you perhaps looking at the full .net? is the docs for netmf


System.Environment is described in

that’s the part of netmf. So I am confused.


and I saw the Timer2 library from William in Fezzer, which uses System.Environment. I don’t know how it will work then if there is no System.Environment inplemented in netmf.


NET MF 4.1 has System.Environment

The public property TickCount is the real interest there. This gives the tick count in milliseconds since reboot.


It shows that I will just need mscorlib for using TickCount. But VCS is complaining to me that there is no such System.Environment.



Sorry for the delay. Please reference Microsoft.SPOT.Time.dll. That reminds me, all snippets should include required references at top in comments or something to prevent these egg hunts. Took me a few to find it at first also.


Thanks William!