Where is SolderMonkey?

Does anyone know who operates SolderMonkey?

They have some nice modules and I purchased a few of them. The only SDK available on their website is 4.2 and 4.3 beta. Neither are compatible with 4.3.
Its particularly painful because updating to 4.3 is so easy. :wall:

Which modules do you need 4.3 drivers for? I uploaded some of them to https://wegadgeteer.codeplex.com/ and likely have others kicking around somewhere on my hard drive.

Thanks Duke. Great idea creating a repository for them.

Any chance you have drivers for Chimp Driver, Monkey Power and IMUx11v2 ?

Do you maybe have the LittleStep driver, too? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance and sorry @ DanW for misusing your thread :wink:

I believe I have a 4.3 Chimp Driver driver somewhere on my system that I wrote and I might even be able to find a 4.3 Little Step driver but I’m not sure if there wasn’t a problem with the code or hardware for the LittleStep (I switched over to using the Stepper Module from GHI as it was a righteous module).

I have the code for MonkeyPower. I’ve waited and waited for the ok to post it. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and do it when somewhere I can access it.

SolderMonkey is still shipping out modules so we should be posting the code to keep these modules alive. I have some cool projects that I would love to share.



Are they??? I tried purchasing a couple of MonkeyPower modules last year but had no response from SolderMonkey at all.

@ Sprigo - My bad. I guess he was still shipping them up to 4.3 bata.