Where do i get Spider Firmware for QF1?

Hello guys,
anyone know where to get the Spider firmware for QF1, I need it because the current firmware targeted at QF2 has issue with the UDP.

thank you.

to be specific the package I need is August 13 2012

thank you.

Gadgeteer before the existing SDK we have now was beta and incomplete, with missing module and with numerous bugs. Why would you need any previous release?

a Working UDP …
I just have a little time and wanted to finish that UPnP Framework but I ran into UDP issues with the current version… so I figured if I revert back I can at least finish the job :slight_smile: I hope you’ll release a new fix soon…


Then 4.1 is what you need

Sounds like the only way out for now…

I can’t seem to be able to find the GHI Package for 4.1 can you please point me to the link.


http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/ is the boneyard area. You probably want the April 2012 package in the NETMF directory.

@ Brett - Congratulations on becoming a legend.

Congrats Brett…

reverting back to 4.1 was a bad idea because it brought back some of those painful memories of things not working, USB issues firmware not deploying errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. now my Spider is crippled and won’t get recognized, and even the Spider updater gives a failed message after uploading tinyclr loader and rebooting…

Gus how far is the new release?
can we have a beta released to the insiders to play with ?


One or two weeks.