Where can I get one of these?

I can’t find these online anywhere.

XBee Expansion EBlock


They are not for sale anymore. I don’t believe any of the eBlocks are.

One of these might help http://www.loveelectronics.co.uk/products/181/xbee-developer---with-logic-level-translation

I wanted the little eblock connector though is the thing.

The eBlock connectors are 3 pin JST style plugs. They’re used all over the place. You can get them at the usual places like SparkFun, Polulu, etc…

Why specifically did you want one? I have one still in the packet, I think, if you really wanted one

Because I have the FEZ Connect Shield and it seems the easiest way to make it wireless.

So I’ve confirmed I have two of these in packets that are unused, if you want one? I have no xbee’s so have never used them. I’m in AU, where are you?

Ohh, I’m in Salt Lake City, so that will make the shipping cost unfriendly.

Interesting. I’m near SLC myself!