Where can I find a FEZ Cobra III on Fritzing?

I have downloaded Fritzing in an attempt to diagram out my circuitry but I cannot find the FEZ Cobra III board anywhere in it. I found Netduino and Arduino; can I use one of those as a substitute?

Which prototyping software contains a FEZ Cobra III board?

Probably none of them. If I use a GHI board or module I normally just create a schematic part myself.

I have not used Fritzing before but could you not create your own parts?

I could create my own part, but it would require time that I do not have.

Is there any prototyping software out there that already contains GHI Electronics parts?

Or is there a way I can request GHI Electronics to do it for me?

You could but if this is a home project it won’t be cheap.

If you simply need a schematic, why not use Eagle or similar to just create a schematic part for it?

Thank you…your advice and patience with a novice such as myself is greatly appreciated.

Just to make sure I understood what you posted:

I am to use the template files from Fritzing to draw a picture of the FEZ Cobra III in Inkscape. Then I import that graphic into Fritzing and add connectors to where the pins are.