Where are the links to TinyClr or TinyClr Forum or is TinyClr obsolete?

I have bought several books on Gadgeteers and they all reference links to update the Chips before trying the code but all of the links have been redirected to this web site with no lonks and the search wont find tinyClr.


All these sites have been combined into this one. What exactly are you looking for?

Got ot this page:

Choose NetMF for Panda boards, choose Gadgeteer for current boards.

There are step by step instructions for updating.

I would like to find correct instructions to update the firmware in the boards I bought from GHI.

So far I spend more time chasing links that go no where.


@ jlehmkuh - where did you find the links? Just use the support page like Bob suggested please.

That process lead me to two links both of which came back to this web site.


It would be simple for the web administrator to point those link’s to a page on updating firmware.


It was the pages rob suggested that produced the links.

Tiny clr is the name of the firmware that is loaded on your device, not to be confused with the old website, also called tiny clr.

On your device, set in loader mode, you will know when you see a virtual COM port on your pc then use a terminal software to load using xmodem. If you are still lost then I can step you through it.

@ jlehmkuh - If you follow the link Bob suggested, you will be brought to either:
[ul]https://www.ghielectronics.com/support/gadgeteer , or[/ul][ul].NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics [/ul]On either of those pages you will find: [quote]New to our website?
Review our how to find information guide[/quote] follow the link there to https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/275 which should help.

I’m sure that any revisions to the books you read would be brought [em]up to date[/em] regards the old references. The old web site (www.tinyclr.com) should always give you a link to this web-site. If you find a page that does not, please let us know so we can fix it.