When will GHI make the FEZ Medusa libraries available?

I am rather looking forward to my Kickstarter FEZ Medusa main boards and have been looking at getting started guide. It’s goot to see that that the Arduino development environment will even make it possible to choose FEZ Medusa boards when uploading scetches. Just like any other Arduino board. Few questions:

The GHI Medusa libraries will probably only become available at the time the actual products start to ship, or will it be sooner than that? (It will be great to be able to start playing a bit with the code even before the actual mainboards are available. Even if its still officially in beta)

Hopefully this week, right after we ship the latest netmf SDK

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We’ve linked in more complete documentation:

[ol]go to any of the FEZ Medusa products in our online Catalog, click on the Resources tab, then choose the Developers’ Guide.
We’ve also posted an old version of the framework source code which include small sketch examples for some of the modules you can find this file at https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/beta/Medusa/BetaFramework.zip . Make sure when the actual release is published that you remove and replace these files. [/ol]


Thank you very much! I must really commend GHI on these libraries. It is obvious a lot of work has gone into them and they are very well organized into a good set of well defined examples and libraries. I can see lots of potential for this. :clap:

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