When the Hydra attacks!

We have been attacked by an army of hydras! Good thing not spiders, lol!

So how many do you think there are in this picture?

at least 126, but they keep on goin’ out of frame…

[edit] alright, small pic on phone looks like 7 stacked… if it’s ten, others beat me to the correct math…

Hot off the assembly line, eh? Bet that’s almost as fun to watch as the Krispy Kreme machine.

My guess 140.

Just from the picture and a little math you guys seem kinda low.

I would say at least 200 (5x10 boards x 4 hydras per board)

Alright 180! (visible) If 10 plates in stack, then as Bec said - 200.

There’s exactly 180 “in this picture”. There could be more out-of-frame.


Looks like 9 “sheets” in a stack. There are 4 Hydras in a “sheet”. So 36 in stack and there 5 stacks visible.

So a total of 180 visible.

My question is: How long did it take for your equipment to make this many devices?

Do you use the laser cutter to separate them?

Looks like scaring and routing around angles

Does the person that calculates the exact number of board gets them all ? :smiley:

Yes if you make it tour office by 5PM :slight_smile:

@ Gralin

William leaves very close to their office. I am sure you can make a deal with him. :smiley:

I would make a NET MF based cloud computing service out of them all :slight_smile:

How about a swarm of copters?

Nice :slight_smile: Gus, is the first batch of boards off the new assembly line?

Congrads Gus as now the fruits of your investments and efforts are starting to appear.