What's up with relay module in the near future?

Hi guys,
I bought 1 RelayX1 Module and 2 Relay ISOx16 Modules in the past.
Now, the first one is being recalled (due to not enough clearance around the 220volts usage) while the second one is discontinued (and also has problems with shift registers)… so, nowadays, I don’t have a usable relay module for my home automation stuff :slight_smile:

There will be some new relay module purchasable in the near future?
What do we expect?

There will be a fixed version of Relay X1 released.

A release date has not been given yet. Do you know about the X1 relay module recall? You can get credit or a replacement.

@ ransomhall - Yes, I know. I read the news about RelayX1 module recall written on January 8th… in that post GHI said that they’ve redesigned the module and don’t misunderstand me:I don’t want a replacement or get credit :slight_smile: I just liked to know an estimation about the release of the new relayX1 module!

The RelayX1 v2.0 has been going through field beta tests. I don’t speak for them, but I doubt it will be much longer before GHI decides to release them.

@ BigFoot - We have ordered the boards for the fixed relay version. It will have the same functionality as the old Relay X1. It should be ready in the near future.