What's under the Xbee WIFI Module

I took mine apart and found:
AR4100P - Atheros - Qualcomm

Not very impressive.

What do you expect for $9?

$9? Last I checked they were closer to $35-40. Also, they’re not robust. All of mine (3) stopped working soon after I got them. They might have filled a niche 2-3 years ago, but now we have other cheaper options (CC3300, ESP8266, etc).

I was thinking of the Seeedstudio Wifi Bee 2.0


But yeah, it is $39 now. I bought 2 (and also 2 bluetooth-bees) when they were part of the big sale a few weeks ago and were $9.90 each. Should have gotten more I guess, lol.

But yeah, you can go even cheaper now with the DFrobot one:

[url]ESP8266 Wifi Bee (Arduino Compatible) - DFRobot

… but DRrobot say “Note: Since the STA mode which support the Server mode is not stable, we are working on that you could refer to the ESP8266 manual book to try.” lol

In just 2 years it went from hot new product to overpriced crap. Someone stop the internet, I want to get off.