What's the next big wall street hot sector...or micro sector i should say?

Who wants to help Cody out? (read: show him what gadgeteer can do, hint hint GHI)

Microsoft dropped the ball on mobile (even though Bill Gates ‘predicted’ the future of mobile in the early 90s). What’s the next wave risk takers will be looking to throw money at?..embedded and micro technology

No way to predict on technologies quality, I still don’t understand why we don’t all use OS2 or maybe OS10 now instead off windows…

Like the second article said… “Mini Me computing is the next big thing and its huge”.

Which means whatever rich person who might be reading this should probably give me a few hundred k so I can buy some toys and tinker at home for the next year or two. I’m not all jaded by having loads of experience, so it’s a good bet… or something.

Only if there is something that makes development fast and easy (FEZ).