What to do in the future?

Gadgeteer was designed by MS for the rapid development of prototypes, and it certainly does a great job at it.

But, what about the next step, the development of a “production” version?

In the GHI product world, thiscould mean moving a finished project to a Cobra, or a custom board based upon an EMX module.

I think it is possible to delploy the Gadgeteer code to any EMX board, and using the Spider and target schematics determine which sockets/pins map to which pins on the target board, but is this optimal?

Will there be, or should there be, some mechanism for migrating a Gadgeteer project to another board?

It would nice, if all that was envolved in the process was the development of a mapping table from Gadgeteer to target system.


The will be explained in better details in an upcoming “document” I am working on :wink:

Great minds think alike… :smiley:

Gus, do you think you could also write up a “document” on time management? How you find time to do so much always amazes…

There is no secret, it is called passion :slight_smile: