What to choose to achieve this goal


my goal is :

Create a Wifi button…

Power : 2 AA battery power
Wifi : ESP8266
Button with led

What would be the “best” choice to make this ?

When I press the button, the power is on…
The board get the configuration of the wifi and the server from a SD Card
Connect to wifi
connect to server
send data
blink the led if error or light on the led if ok
shutdown the power

Any idea the achieve this ? in terms of board, component, and so on…



What kind of battery life do you require? If you are willing to change your batteries often, then you could run it on something like a G30. If battery life is a primary concern, and 2xAA is a hard requirement, then you probably should look elsewhere for a MCU; I’d check out something like a Cortex-M0 (STM makes a very-low-power line, STM32L0), or even an MSP430 or AVR. None of these are going to run NETMF, of course.