What size of gear and rack to use for the FITec continuous rotation micro servo?

I am planning on using the FITec continuous rotation micro servo (product # RB-Fit-02) for my project. Site link: http://www.robotshop.com/productinfo…-02&lang=en-US I need to use a rack and pinion system with this micro servo. What is the size of gear that I can use to mount onto the micro servo? Do you sell gears and racks specifically for this servo? If I can buy everything I need from Robotshop.com, it will guarantee everything will fit correctly, which is the most crucial part of my project. Thanks in advance for your help! I’m still new to robot-building!

hi Robotfan, we’re big into robots here but this isn’t the robotshop forum, you probably won’t get any response here. GHI don’t have any servo accessories either.

Is it me being suspicious or is this just some clever bit of spamming?

Delete this topic?

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I think Robotshop have relevant stuff, and I don’t actually think that I’d deem this one spam - it’s certainly not them trying to get us to buy a PCB from them like that other persistent pest