What just happened to FEZ!

He has gone to the other side… ???


Gus, are you getting fat ? :smiley:

@ Gus - Does this mean the ‘F’ is going back to neaing freakin’? :wink:

No, getting fluffy :wink:

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FEZ Reaper in the works? Sounds interesting!

Who does the GHI artwork?

@ Gus - the other side really is more fun, I await with great anticipation where this is going.

With all the rain lately… looks like GHI Electronics grounds keeper…

We know a guy, I will email you his contact on Monday.

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If you want it on the cheap or want for your own personal use check out http://fiverr.com

I got a new logo for my company done at the start of the year and it only cost me $15. :slight_smile:

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As for me, I am six feet tall and maintain a consistent Panda Bear shape.

I’ve heard of fiver, but haven’t tried them yet. Generally, I have used e-lance and have gotten great results (and they have excellent accountability tools and client and artist protections). I’ve done projects there from $50 up through $1000 and have never been disappointed, though you do have to shop carefully for a reputable artist and use milestones as a way to fail fast if things aren’t working out.

I was asking our GHI friends just in case there was someone to do artwork for Scratch4.net, but if not, I will probably go back to e-lance.

That looks like a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

I’m trying to understand how someone can make decent money doing a logo for $15? Even assuming they’re very fast, you’d have to do a lot of logos to earn a living.

Of course, maybe it’s just something these folks really love doing, and so getting a bit of cash on top is just a bonus.

Personally, on the low end of the spectrum, what I have run into is people who use the stock-logo sites and pass it off as original (or you really get $15 worth of quality). Now, as I said, I have never tried fiver - that’s just my experience with low-ball artwork prices so far.

If you only have small money to spend, IMHO, you are better off just hitting the stock-art/stock-logo sites yourself.

On the other end of the spectrum, in Barcelona, I got a quote from a very good artist for EUR 2500 for a responsive web site, four exemplar pages plus branding colors, four pages of mobile app layouts, a logo and stock art selection (stock art license fees are separate). On elance, I got equal quality on the same job for EUR 750 and the work was done in 10 days (and their is a milestone system and accountability controls). A lot of the folks I run into on e-lance are East European and the labor costs are lower but the quality is excellent (if you shop carefully). You can still find people who are passing off stock art or somebody else’s work as their own.

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FEZ Reaper should come with a new tagline: “Quick and painless” :smiley:


@ mcalsyn - Inspired by this discussion, I found this site:

Made a fairly nice looking logo in about 5 minutes, and it cost me $40 to get the high-res JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF versions, which I can slice and dice as needed.


@ devhammer - cool site and a nice result!

Funny thing is that most geeks who’ve seen the logo like it.

My wife isn’t keen on it…she’s worried that between “devhammer” and the hammer and wrench logo, people will think I’m in the construction business. :-/

@ devhammer - The logo does not mention any type of technology. I can see where someone could be confused. BTW, how can I get a proposal from you for a new patio?