What is wrong with this picture

Can someone tell me if this is correct ? Can we do this ?

I see a heart attack :clap:

Raj is this quiet dangerous guy. Not most active on forum but one of the most active community members behind the scene. First Linux and now this! You are my hero for sure!

Does it run? That’s awesome!

We’re working on updating everything to NETMF 4.2 (including adding VB support to the designer). Looks like you’ve found a short-term solution though!

I like that you provide nothing but a screenshot for details! Good luck!

Yes it does run. It is a just a first attempt. There is a lot of work to complete, but the CLR is pretty responsive.

… as Gus says … stay tuned … this the year of FEZ, NETMF and Gadgeteer …

GHI is working very hard on a variety of stuff !

Wow, impressive! :clap:

Did you use GCC?


I have just scratched the surface, there is a lot of work involved on the whole stack.

It is, indeed. Keep scratching! ;D