What is the FEZ Rhino?

On the product comparison page, it lists something called the FEZ Rhino. Is this an upcoming product release?

Sure is, it’s the new beaut USBizi chip platform, “done the GHI way” not trying to be pin compatible with Arduino or anything else. Looks like a great beast, doesn’t it !!

Yeah looks like a awesome platform. the name is sweet too :smiley:

I wonder who came up with this brilliant name :wink:

Rhino will be the arduino in cobra style, a cobruino :smiley:
Can’t wait for pics, specs and the board itself ::slight_smile:

HI Robert,

the specs are still online :smiley:

Check out here



[quote]HI Robert,

the specs are still online

Check out here


Totally forgot this… (do not shoot me :D)

No problem :dance:

But you are right , I also want to see some pics :whistle:

Guess it too early for that, yet. the crew is busy with cobra, the SDK and some other cool stuff. ;D

That’s a good looking board (by its specs anyway…)!

Yes it is! I cannot wait for the first pic ::slight_smile: