What is the difference between FEZ Cobra II Eco rev B and rev C?

I would to know the difference?

That information would be handy to know and should ideally be on the product resources page. It may be something simple such as a resistor change but it could have an effect so it is worth knowing.

I ordered 2 boards in the same order and was surprised to get different versions.

I just checked my 2 Cobra boards and they are both Rev B but I see on the web that there is only a schematic for Rev B and the image of the board is Rev A. I wonder what difference is with Rev C then?

@ kiwi and Dave

There was nothing of consequence that was changed on the boards. They were mainly cosmetic in nature.

This is a list that is on the most current schematic:

  • Properly aligned one of the large pads of the USB Device large grounding pads.
  • Added the Solder Vias to the Large Holes of the USB Host connector.
  • C5 and C26 were separated. A few traces needed to be rerouted and had to re orient the C8, C26, and C5.
  • Added the “+” symbol to the VCC side of cap.

We will post newer schematics of any new revision when time permits.

@ aron thanks