What is the "Configuration Sector" - G30 SoC

Hello All,

I have recently started a new job in which I have inherited some .NET micro framework code to edit. The code is intended to run on the G30 SoC.

I am confused by the Configuration Sector. In my program I only write to it once and I write a single byte yet somehow it contains 16384 bytes. Furthermore, it seems to always exist even when I clear the application from the device using Fez.

In my experience a processor’s configuration is no more than a handful of bytes determining things like which pins use interrupts and which clock dividers are active, etc. So I am at a loss.

Can anyone explain to me what the Configuration Sector of the G30 is?

Much appreciated.


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@ jwizard93 - The configuration sector always exists. It holds NETMF configuration as well as your own. There are various record keeping structures associated with each entry. 16,384 bytes is the size of the region. It does not change in size.

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@ John Thank you very much for the information.