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What is more hobbyist-friendly these days, 1206 or 0805?


I’ve always thought 1206-sized resistors are easier to get, easier to solder. However, I noticed 1206 is no longer stocked in my country, only 0805.

Sure, Ebay is full of everything, but what do you guys think — is this the end of 1206-sized resistors era?


As long as you have a nice set of magnifying glasses (I use a custom set of 3x bi-focals with plain glass on top) 0805 is easy to use. Even 0603 at a push is easy with these glasses on.


I place 0402’s sans goggles with tweezers after a few coffees, surface tension works a treat :slight_smile:


And yes…things are only going to get smaller…


I can polish a needle 80 microns thick, but that’s not the topic :wink:


Dammit, then why did I bought that set of 1206 resistors a few years ago…


Cause it seemed like a good idea at the time…
i have boxes full of good ideas gathering dust… :smiley:


That’s me for sure.

The 0603 are easy enough – not tried 0402s yet.

I agree with the tartan poster, these make life much easier:


I can guarantee that statement holds true 100% for 100% of the posters in this forum. :slight_smile:


True, true…


Et tu Brutus ! (hides in shame)


0603’s are ok to do by hand and 0402 is a little tricky but as Justin said, surfce tension works a treat. Once i stopped worrying about exact placement of 0402 and trusted the solder paste to pull it straight life got a little easier. Now all i have to worry about is my hot air gun accidentally blowing the components off the board as i forgot that it was set too high on the blower :(. I’ve done this far to many times to have not learned by now :smiley: