What is meaning of BINARY_BLOB_HEAD?

In my project, after some time, memory referenced by BINARY_BLOB_HEAD starts to increase regularly (ie. 36 bytes every time, think of a program which process some jobs every 30 seconds).

  • What do you suggest to find what is causing this problem?
  • What type of objects referenced by BINARY_BLOB_HEAD?

Somewhere I have seen that bitmap data is referenced by BINARY_BLOB_HEAD but it is not meaningful for me since there is no GUI related code or something like that in my project.

Thanks in advance.

Most common mistake is in not reading an open serial port data, where all goes to the blob waiting for you to read.

Gus, thank you so much for your immediate response.

I am using two SPI ports on my panda 2. There is no other serial communication. One for Connect Shield and other one for nrf24l01 module that is controlling by Gralin’s driver.

Do you know any bugs related with these?

I am not sure then but you can isolate pieces of your code to see where is the leak.

Could you please explain that method? Is there a way to just printing memory usage but not forcing GC to run?

Thank you


Just prints the memory and does not force a GC…

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