What is Glide?

Glide is a free and open-source NETMF graphical library provided by GHI Electronics.

It is optimized for speed and ships with a window designer.

Learn more about glide http://www.ghielectronics.com/glide


Since last week I am a proud owner of e 4K - monitor.
Unfortunately I found out that the designer is far too small to use it with this display.
I there any way to make it suitable for me again?

Which designer?

I have a Dell Laptop with a 3200 x 1800 and Visual Studio works fine. Some programmes don’t scale well but VS is fine and so is Glide Studio from Blackdogspark.

I have no problem with VS but with the glide designer.
It is made with flash and available at the GHI site here.

Btw. is it possible to get it offline? I have classrooms without internet.

@ mflume - can you type cntrl+ to make image larger in browser?

No. Ctrl+ has no effect.
Even in Fullscreen mode text is too small to read and placing the components (Buttons, etc.) does not work.

Oops, it works with Internet-Explorer!
I tried Firefox and Opera, as don’t use IEX normally.
Despite on that:

  • I don’t have Flash in my classrooms and I would prefer to keep it that way.
  • In one room there is no internet so I would like to have it local.

@ mflume - look at this [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=16100[/url]

Second that option. I use this all the time. A few wee quirks but it works well enough.

The font sizes in the designer don’t match well in the actual project so watch out for this.

One thing to definitely watch. When you set the OUTPUT DIRECTORY for your project and use the browse button to select the directory, make sure to add a / on the end manually otherwise the files end up in the previous directory with the name of the directory you want as the start of each name.

I’ve not been able to track down Blackdogspark on any forum or via his website to look at these issues so not sure where he is at just now,

Thank you for the link!
Unfortunately I was not able to remove misplaced controls. Any hints?
Additionally I found:
As there the source is added, I think I’ll look at this closer.
I don’t know iat the moment f there is some work to do to make it work with the actual Glide - version.
But at least it seems to be a good project to start with.
Does someone have more infos about that?

I had this initially with Windows 10 but I find that I can now delete them with the DEL key. Not sure what changed to make this work but somehow it just does. Before this I had to close the designer, open the file in text editor and find the rouge control and manually delete them.

The editor is actually easy to use and the import works if you have existing files you created with the online designer.

DEL does not work here.
I run Win7 with the Beta30 mentioned above.

We are kind of stuck with this as it was never released as freeware which he talked about. I am not sure how to fix the DEL issue. Without the source is impossible to track this issue down.

I did track him down on Facebook and sent a message about it but have had no reply. His last update on FB was to post a picture on the 27th Nov.

@ Gary - I just did a GLIDE implementation with a T43 lcd. I have to say, it worked great :slight_smile: Will you keep the designer online “forever” :wink:
Are you planning to include GLIDE in TinyCLR? (I think you should).

@ John Karbin - we love glide