What is currently missing

Besides bugs, What is the NETMF currently missing? Ive heard internet support is shoddy, threading is hard and some things have to be excluded one some chips(such as cryptography) but is there anything important we are waiting for in NETMF?

What are you looking for? Any devices that are available pretty much explore all capabilities of the MCUs that they use.

As far as I am concerned, nothing important is missing from MF, and threading is very easy.

Support for MF questions on this site is excellent.

Since buying a MF device is not life changing decision, the best way to get answers to most of your questions is make a purchase and get started.

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@ MRTFEREN - Networking is pretty dam good, the Spider and Raptor have HTTPS support so that’s not a problem and there are lots of sample projects using networking with things like ThingSpeak, Azure, etc. The only thing holding me back is time to build everything I want to build.

What are you thinking of building?


I don’t know yet. I am getting it only to see what it is like compared to arduino, like if I would be missing out on anything if I get an arduino instead of a NETMF thing. Ive heard a lot that arduino does a single task good but NETMF is amazing with the c# and managing lots of stuff with the event based code. Id get an arduino instead normally but I already have friends with arduinos and I have no permanent use for it so I can just have them lend me one to try it out

IMO the one thing you will be missing out on by going the C# route is the frustration. Just trying to compare the IDE is like comparing roller skates to a Bugatti Veyron!!!


You might want to watch this from our own @ ianlee74


@ MRTFEREN - I’d encourage you to get both a $10 Trinket Pro (Arduino) and a Cerberus Tinker Kit. I use both Gadgeteer & Arduinos regularly. There simply isn’t a cheaper way to blink a few LEDs and create a little toy gizmo than with a simple Trinket such as I recently used to build this [award winning!] car for my son.

However, it won’t be long before you’ll want to build something bigger and more complex that requires more power, more components, and due to the complexity of it being a bigger system - better debugging and threading. That’s when its time to put the toys aside and try out Gadgeteer.

You don’t even want to consider trying something like this with an Arduino…

@ Duke Nukem - thanks for the mention.

You should’ve asked the question in reverse, what is Arduino missing that NETMF has, i can tell you from experience, ALOT. Only thing going for it is the cheaper price on everything, and Chinese variants which are also cheaper, but the programming is so limited that i wouldn’t even bother to compare them.

@ ianlee74 - Is that a Pinewood Derby car?

My son was competing once when he was in primary school. His car won first place too :wink:

It sure is. He’s placed 1st in the design categories for the past two years. This has led to our last weekend project… :smiley:

Congrats to your son! Nice rod!

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@ ianlee74 - You two are setting the bar high should my son want to do any of this! ;D

@ Gary - I enjoyed building that car with my son. It was a lot of fun!

@ Architect - I probably would have had fun if there wasn’t so much pressure on me now…lol

You can do it! However, I will not be held responsible if you blow out a heart valve :wink:

@ ianlee74 - I would hope the fun outweighs the pressure…lol If not then I am a way too intense individual

Does this answer your question? It’s worth every splinter. :wink:

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I’m finishing up and outlaw netmf derby car. will post a demo soon.


short little video



Nice! It looks like we’re going to start a “Pinewood Derby” forum section :slight_smile: