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What is connected on the Tinkere board


Poking around this morning, I noticed that the TX and RX (FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di0 and FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di1) are connected to the XBee layout. I could sit with the ohm meter and check the rest out, but before I do, I want to check to see if there is a chart somewhere. I know Gus mentioned that we did not need a schematic, but I could sure use something that shows what has been connected on the Tinkerer board.


Most pins are exposed to long row of pins. The labeling on the board is what would really help you see what is there and what is not.

Here is the schematics but I doubt it would show more than what the printing on the board details


Thanks GUS. As you have stated before, not really all that useful. If I read this correctly, I either make a mistake when I used my ohm meter, or my board does not match the schematic. I will take the board out of the box tonight when I get home and try again.


The schematics is not that easy to read with text overlapping graphics.


Yes. please do not use the schematics. The board itself lists all connections. I already said the schematics are not friendly at all.


I think that what Dave and I am looking for is a pin out that shows things like where COM1 is on the long break out row.

We are used to the Arduino numbering that is on the Panda that COM1 IN is on digital pin 0 and OUT is on digital pin 1. On the breakout row COM1 IN = IO20 and COM1 OUT = IO18 (intuitive?)

Maybe the ‘Arduino shield breakout pins could be marked as it is on the Panda to make it easier to figure out what goes where.


ok now I know what you need :slight_smile:

Take a look at this


Thank you, Gus, that’s very useful!
I was trying to compile a table like that from the LPC2387 data sheet, Panda brochure and Panda schematics…


That is where I was looking to go as well. I guess I am not as good a digging things out as I used to be. Thanks again Gus. I can return to full throttle. ;D


That file, along with a User manual, were on the GHI NETMF SDK folder on my hard disk :wink:
I just didn’t think to look in the “USBizi\Documentation” folder…