What I sing to my code as I write it

I prefer to sing something like this when I code Toxicity - System of a Down + lyrics - YouTube

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@ EvoMotors - I think of my code as a love affair and I want it to know how much I love it and will take care of it! :smiley:

@ Gary:

Wait…since when do you write code? :open_mouth:

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Or lunching…

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-10,000 points

-5,000 points

deleting account…

Of course Gary codes! I’m pretty sure he’s in charge of the SQLite branch. How else do you think he keeps track of all his lists? :smiley:


Okay, I guess I’ll just going to keep myself quiet. :smiley:

Finally, somebody around gets and understands the power I yield! :whistle:

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@ cyberh0me @ devhammer - May the code gods strike you where you sit! :snooty: